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Connectors for steel sheet pile walls

Connectors for sheet pile wall structures

Corner connectors, T connectors, cross connectors, weld-on connectors

About us

SteelWall ISH designs, develops, produces and sells interlocking systems (connector bars) to connect steel structures such as steel pipes (pipe-pilings), heavy steel profiles (H sheet-piles), and steel sheets with fixed clutch bars (sheet piles) to build continuous, interconnected and extremely stable steel-support and steel-retention walls, commonly referred to as sheet-pile walls.


Over the last one hundred years, sheet-pile walls have seen their use skyrocket in applications such as excavation retention, bridge sites, quays, docks, water-lock walls, channels, flood protection, tunnels, underground parking garages, hazardous material leakage prevention, among many other applications.


SteelWall connectors are third-generation technology that are manufactured at certified mills of the highest quality and precision. From an engineering, design, and ease-of-use standpoint they are a technologically superior product, extremely strong, easy to drive and are simply unbeatable from an economic efficiency point of view.


Explore this website and contact a SteelWall representitive to learn why SteelWall connectors are one of the fastest growing construction industry products world-wide.

Test report

PDF: Tensile and twist out tests


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Technical data / disclaimer

SteelWall connectors generally comply with the European standards and are manufactured by certified steel processing companies.

All figures are approximate and may vary. Bar twists are possible up to 2 mm per meter. Tolerance of steel thickness ±1 mm.

Length tolerance up to ±200 mm. Degree details refer to the connector bar axes. Welding base of LPB and FD clutches can be straight or bevelled. We reserve the right to make technical changes. We refer to DIN EN 12063. Please check the sheet pile interlocks with a physical sample section of the desired connector for compatibility.


2024-Jan-10. Copyright by SteelWall ISH GmbH. Connectors designed by Richard Heindl.